Discover Seamless Staffing.  Your Guide to MedE Recruit Recruiting Services

In the healthcare world assembling a skilled team is crucial. As the saying goes – “Your team is only as strong as its weakest link!”   At MedE Recruit, we specialise in finding the right medical and healthcare professionals for your healthcare facility or practice.  We will leave no stone unturned to find the perfect match to align with your practice’s requirements and needs.

Personalised Service

Our niche agency focuses on building lasting relationships with clients and candidates. We don’t just fill vacancies.  We match candidates to your practice’s culture and values. Whether you’re a hospital, clinic, or private practice, we understand the importance of quality hires on each level!

Transparent Pricing

Unlike other recruiting agencies, we offer fixed rates for permanent placements. No smoke and mirrors, no surprises—just clear, fixed pricing!  Our fees are excellent, averaging around 5% for medical and dental professionals. This is a vast difference to agencies asking for anything between 12 % and 25% of a candidate’s annual salary!  We furthermore offer First-time clients a generous discount, rendering our services even more affordable! 

Streamlined Recruitment Process

With MedE Recruit, you’ll work with a dedicated recruiter who handles every phase of the recruitment process. From sourcing candidates to thorough vetting and screening, we ensure professionalism and excellence all the way!

Included in our services to you:

  • Dedicated Recruiter
  • We collect detailed information about the vacancy you want to fill.
  • We advertise and market your vacancy on our recruiting platform, website, various relevant job portals, and social media platforms as well as in our newsletter.
  • We connect with candidates on our database.
  • We shortlist, screen, and match candidates closest to your job specifications and requirements.
  • Relevant work history
  • Background Checks
  • We do telephone, Zoom/Video Calls, or One-on-One Interviews with the candidates to find the most suitable candidates to present to you.
  • Once you decide on the candidate you want to hire, we do the final reference check(s) with previous employers, if possible. All reference checks are done in line with the POPIA requirements.
  • Where applicable, we will confirm the candidates’ registration with the relevant professional associations.
  • Where applicable and at the request of an employer, we can confirm Indemnity insurance for medical professionals.

What to Expect from MedE Recruit

You can expect Excellence with MedE Recruit. Our personalized service is tailored to your needs, ensuring seamless alignment with your practices’ culture. We uphold professionalism in every aspect, delivering top-tier candidates.  Efficiency is our priority!  Minimizing.  With honest recruiting practices at our core, you can trust us to provide transparent, tailored solutions that elevate your staffing experience.”

Contact us today to find top talent!

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