Psychiatry Practice for Sale | George, Garden Route



R500 000 (Excl)

R500,000 (Excl)

Don’t miss this exceptional opportunity to acquire a prestigious and stylish psychiatry practice in the heart of George on the Garden Route, Western Cape.  

Strategically positioned between two Psychiatry Hospitals, this practice has been a cornerstone of mental health care in the area, consistently delivering exceptional service and generating a stable income over the past two years.

Strengths of this practice include its prime location, ensuring a steady flow of referrals and patients. Emphasising the building of relationships has contributed to their growing patient base.

Partnered with a medical centre, this practice provides access to top-tier resources including MDT liaison services, Novopsych assessment scales online, and comprehensive administrative support, streamlining operations for the practitioner.

There’s ample opportunity for growth. Operating at half-day capacity, there’s abundant room for expansion into a full-time operation, maximising profitability and impact.

They share premises with a GP, physiotherapist, and psychologist affiliated with the Centre, offering a supportive and holistic healthcare ecosystem. 

Seize this unique opportunity to step into a thriving Psychiatry practice poised for further growth and success. Inquire now to embark on your journey towards ownership in one of George’s most esteemed Psychiatric practices.

If you’re a registered Psychiatrist interested in this opportunity, please email [email protected]. You’ll be requested to sign a non-disclosure agreement and present your HPCSA registration and ID. We’ll then forward a brochure with further information.

Interested parties will be directed to a business advisor who will communicate further and share additional info and financials. 

We look forward to hearing from you!

[email protected]

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