1. Whilst every care is taken by MedE Recruit (Pty) Ltd with Registration Number 2023/576868/07 (“Hereinafter referred to as “MedE Recruit”), and every endeavour is made to assess the capabilities, competence, knowledge and honesty of Applicant’s to meet the client’s requirements, MedE Recruit cannot give a warranty in this regard, neither can MedE Recruit accept any responsibility of any nature whatsoever and howsoever it may arise for the fidelity and/or conduct of Applicant(s) introduced by MedE Recruit or for any damage howsoever arising from any action(s) of an Applicant introduced by MedE Recruit. Therefore, we require that our client(s) personally interview and approve of the Applicant(s) capabilities, skill(s) and knowledge in their own best judgment.

  2. MedE Recruit is a recruiting consultancy that endeavours to find and introduce suitable Applicant(s) to their clients.

  3. MedE Recruit cannot guarantee that we will find a suitable Applicant(s) for your position(s), neither can MedE Recruit guarantee that we will find an Applicant(s) meeting all your requirements and specifications.

  4. MedE Recruit will never “head-hunt” Applicant(s) from our client(s). MedE Recruit does however reserve their rights to assist Applicant(s) who approach us directly.

  5. MedE Recruit is a recruiting agency and not a Labour Law Consultancy and/or another consultancy and/or agency. It is thus the responsibility of the client(s) to follow the correct process for dealing with Legal and Labour Law related matters. MedE Recruit can regrettably not assist you to resolve or mediate matters arising with employee(s) and our mandate ends once a client provides us with an offer for one or more of our Applicant(s) and the Applicant(s) accept the offer made by the client.

  6. Applicant(s) are screened by MedE Recruit before submitting CVs to clients. The final checks and references will however only be conducted once the client informs MedE Recruit of their intention to make an offer for a prospective Applicant.

  7. Should you, the client, not inform MedE Recruit of your intention to make an offer to an Applicant introduced by MedE Recruit and/or make an offer to the Applicant which offer the Applicant accepts before communicating your intention to MedE Recruit, you will not afford MedE Recruit the opportunity to complete the final checks and references to finalise the recruiting process. This may impact the recruiting quality, yet the full placement fee will be payable by you, the client.

  8. The placement fee becomes due and payable by the client within 14 (Fourteen) calendar days after the Applicant as introduced by MedE Recruit, commences employment at the company and/or business of the client. The first day on which the Applicant commences with employment is the first day of the 14 (Fourteen) day period, unless agreed otherwise in writing and such agreement is signed by both MedE Recruit and the client.

  9. All fees displayed in this document exclude Value Added Tax (VAT) which will be charged by MedE Recruit at a rate of 15% (Fifteen Percent).

  10. In the event of a permanent placement, and the client is not satisfied with the conduct and/or knowledge of the Applicant and/or any other reason and decides not to appoint the Applicant on a permanent basis, the client is afforded 120 (One Hundred and Twenty days) from commencement date of the Applicant to replace the Applicant with a new Applicant which will be provided by MedE Recruit at a reduced rate, should it be required. The reduced rate is calculated at 30% (Thirty Percent) of the original placement fee paid by the client and is limited to one replacement. The reasons advanced by the client for not appointing the Applicant on a permanent basis must be reasonable and may not be contrary to any Labour related legislation in the Republic of South Africa. MedE Recruit will not be liable for any damages of the client as the probation period should be specified in terms of the employment offer and/or employment contract as provided by the client to the Applicant. It is the responsibility of the client to notify the Applicant in the appropriate manner that he/she will not be appointed on a permanent basis. In the event that any labour related disputes might arise between the Applicant and the client of MedE Recruit, MedE Recruit will not be liable for any costs and/or damage.

  11. MedE Recruit do not offer a guarantee on any Applicant, nor do we offer refunds or credit notes.

  12. When you accept a CV of an Applicant, or if you engage with any Applicant introduced by MedE Recruit it will be deemed to be an acceptance of our fee structure(s), even in the absence of a signed fee agreement and/or any other fee related document.

  13. The appropriate fee shall be invoiced by MedE Recruit and become payable in the event that any Applicant is introduced by MedE Recruit to the client and thereafter engaged directly by the client or by a party to whom the client introduces the Applicant and/or any other third party as introduced by the client, regardless of whether the employment is on a permanent, temporary, contract, business associate and/or partnership basis within an 18 (Eighteen) month period after the introduction. These terms shall apply irrespective of whether the position and/or job contents and/or description are the same as those for which the Applicant was initially introduced.

  14. Should a job assignment be given to MedE Recruit as a contract assignment with the possibility of a permanent placement, MedE Recruit will charge a monthly fee per month for the contract assignment period which is payable within (Seven) days after the invoice is rendered by MedE Recruit. The monthly contract fee will be calculated as follows:

    1. R5500 exc VAT per month – level 1

    2. R4900 exc VAT per month – level 2

    3. R3900 exc VAT per month – level 3

    4. R2900 exc VAT per month – level 4

    5. R2500 exc VAT per month – level 5

  15. The daily rates (where applicable) are calculated as follows:

    1. R450 exc VAT per day – level 1

    2. R350 exc VAT per day – level 2

    3. R300 exc VAT per day – level 3

    4. R200 exc VAT per day – level 4

    5. R160 exc VAT per day – level 5

  16. Once the contract and/or day-to-day position becomes permanent, the client will, in addition, be liable for the full placement fee without any set-off, unless otherwise agreed to in writing and signed by both the client and MedE Recruit.

  17. MedE Recruit will charge a 20% (Twenty Percent) levy on the full invoiced amount due should the client not pay the full placement fee within 14 (Fourteen) days from the commencement date of the Applicant. The first day is the day on which the Applicant commences employment with the client.

  18. The full placement fee will be invoiced and is payable for any Applicant who is employed permanently for 3 (Three) days or more per week. We offer a 25% (Twenty Five Percent) discount on our full placement fee(s) for an Applicant who accepts a permanent offer for 1 (One) or 2 (Two) days per week.

  19. Any payment arrangement bears a 20% (Twenty Percent) levy on the full invoiced amount. A payment arrangement must be requested in writing by the client and must be approved by MedE Recruit’s Management. This arrangement must be requested before the day the Applicant is to start employment with the client and is subject to approval by the Management of MedE Recruit.

  20. Should a permanent job assignment change to a temporary contract, MedE Recruit will charge a permanent placement fee as per MedE Recruit’s agreed Fee.

  21. If an employment offer is made to an Applicant and subsequently it becomes evident that the recruitment instruction came from a member of the client’s staff who was not authorised to do so, the full placement fee becomes due and payable as per MedE Recruits standard fee structure as it is assumed that the appointment and related decision has been condoned by the management of the client.

  22. If an employment offer is made to an Applicant and is verbally accepted by that Applicant, and the client (company), for whatever reason, later retracts the employment offer, the full placement fee is payable to MedE Recruit as per the standard payment terms of MedE Recruit.

  23. In the event that the client, without directly agreeing to engage an Applicant as introduced by MedE Recruit, introduces that Applicant to any person or body, and should that other person or body subsequently engage that Applicant on any basis within 18 (Eighteen) months, the client will be liable for the payment of the full placement fee just as if the client had engaged the Applicant.

  24. If, due to the client’s breach of any of the terms, MedE Recruit is forced to institute any legal proceedings against the client, then and in that event, the client shall be liable for including but not limited to all tracing fees, legal costs (on attorney-and-client scale) and collection commission incurred by MedE Recruit and/or any other related costs incurred by MedE Recruit.

  25. In the event of an Applicant completing a temporary assignment or work of any nature with a client and subsequently accepts further work from the client in any capacity, MedE Recruit shall be entitled to charge the fixed placement fee calculated as per our permanent and/or temporary fee structure. Work in this sense is defined as work of any nature, whether direct or indirect, temporary or through another agency. This fee shall prevail unless otherwise arranged in writing between the client and MedE Recruit.

  26. If the client changes the job title and/or job specs more than once, MedE Recruit will be allowed to charge an administration and marketing fee of R 1 999.00 (One Thousand Nine Hundred Ninety-Nine Rand) exc VAT.

  27. If the client cancels a job assignment at the offer stage for any reason whatsoever, MedE Recruit will charge a minimum Consulting Fee of R 7 500.00 (Seven Thousand Five Hundred Rand) exc VAT. The fee will be calculated on all costs incurred for the period worked on the assignment up to and including the offer stage.

  28. MedE Recruit has the right to charge Administration and Consultation fees when:

    1. The client delays the recruiting process to such an extent that an Applicant(s) lose interest or decides to look for other opportunities due to the client’s conduct or lack of response.

    2. The client does not inform MedE Recruit timeously that a vacancy is no longer available.

    3. If a client requests a second and third round of interview(s) (with different Applicant’s and/or the same Applicant) and then decides not to continue with the recruiting process.

    4. The client lists more than one vacancy and after the CV has been submitted by MedE Recruit to the client, the client unexpectedly and without warning decides not to continue with the recruiting process.

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