Discover Seamless Staffing.  Your Guide to MedE Recruit Recruiting Services

In the healthcare world assembling a skilled team is crucial. As the saying goes – “Your team is only as strong as its weakest link!”   At MedE Recruit, we specialise in finding the right medical and healthcare professionals for your healthcare facility or practice.  We will leave no stone unturned to find the perfect match to […]

Cultivating Mental Wellness at Work

Recognising the profound impact that leaders have on the mental health of their healthcare teams is crucial. The saying, “Your manager has more impact on your mental health than your therapist or doctor” resonates strongly in an industry where the ability to cope is often challenged. Working with medical professionals who struggle under the leadership […]

The Real Cost When Replacing Staff – The Price of Saying No

In the competitive job market, employers often face the dilemma of whether to grant salary increases or other financial incentives when a candidate requests them. While it may seem costly to meet these demands, it’s crucial to consider the potential expenses associated with candidate turnover. In this blog post, we will delve into the true […]

The importance of company culture in medical recruiting 

The impact of your company culture on your practice cannot be overstated. A strong, positive culture can attract and retain top talent, foster a sense of community and teamwork, and create a more enjoyable and fulfilling workplace for all employees. On the other hand, a negative culture can lead to a high staff turnover, low […]

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